Australian regional homebrew Championships

The Australian Regional Homebrew Championships will discover and celebrate the pre-eminent regional homebrewer. Who will be crowned the 2019 Nosh Champion?


Beer brewing is both an art and a science - and we’re celebrating both during the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships.

With plenty of prizes on offer, it’s time to start perfecting your homebrew in preparation for this year’s Nosh Narrabri.

There are three categories in which you can enter – pale ale/pacific ale; pilsner/lager; or stout/porter/dark. If you’re interested in submitting a brew (or a few!) to this year’s competition, simply fill in the form below and you will be emailed a competition number in order to submit your beer completely anonymously - a critical element of our competition!

Beers are to be delivered to the Narrabri Region Visitor Information Centre during business hours (9am to 5pm) between Monday 15 July and Friday 23 August, 2019.

The winners, including the overall Australian Regional Homebrew Champion, will be announced during Nosh Narrabri’s food and wine festival on Saturday 31 August.

Please see the terms & conditions below for further information, or contact competition organiser Michael via [email protected] 

Good luck!


The Australian Regional Homebrew Champion will receive $1000 in goods and products from True Brew Tamworth + $500 in cash from Tattersalls Hotel Narrabri.

The Australian Regional Homebrew Championship Runner Up will receive $500 cash from Tattersalls Hotel Narrabri.

The Best Kit Beer will receive a $225 home brew kit plus two cartons of beer from Coopers.

The Best All Grain Beer (Non-Kit) will receive $140 in products from New England Brewing.

The winner of each of the three categories – pale ale/pacific ale; pilsner/lager; and stout/porter/dark – will each receive a carton of beer from Coopers.


With thanks to the sponsors of the Nosh Australian Regional Homebrew Championships:


To enter, please complete the form below and click on 'submit' when finished:

Alternatively, you may download and complete this form and submit it with your homebrew entry.

Name *
Please choose the relevant type of beer you are brewing for this entry.
I am aware and give permission for Nosh to give away the beer as taste tester sizes at the Saturday event *
I agree to the Terms and Conditions set below *
I agree for officials to contact me on the day of the event to clarify general information on how I made the beer if I have a good chance of becoming the winner *
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Please only choose the one (1) classification type relevant to your entry.


The Australian Regional Homebrew Championships is wholly owned by the organisers, Nosh Narrabri Inc.

The Championships are conducted using clear rules and fair competition. This competition will be conducted under the following rules for entry:

  1. Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any non-conforming entries.

  2. Any person who is not a member of the organising committee, a judge or steward in this contest is permitted to enter.

  3. Entrants are permitted to enter multiple times providing the same brew and recipe is not used more than one time.

  4. The competition is restricted to amateur brewers. This ensures the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships not open to brewers or beers that would be making product subject to excise duty. Any beer produced in licensed brewing premises is ineligible.

  5. The Australian Regional Homebrew Championships is open to beers brewed from extract kits, wort kits, or any other source of fresh wort that is the choice of the brewer.

  6. Entries must be submitted under the brewer's own name.

  7. Each valid entry shall consist of one brew.  For an entry to be valid, it must be styled on one of the following;

    a.     Pale Ale/Pacific Ale

    b.     Pilsner/Lager

    c.     Stout/Porter/Dark

  8. Entrants will submit (2) beers in bottles of 375ml or larger. Either glass or plastic bottles are acceptable.

  9. Entrants shall complete entry details online.

  10. Entries will include the name and contact details of the brewer. Judges require a direct conversation (in person or on the phone) with the winning entrant before publicly awarding the prize to any contestant, therefore, contestants must be available in person, or by phone, to discuss their entry on August 31, 2019 to the satisfaction of the judges.

  11. Entrants retain full intellectual property of their entries.  Nosh Narrabri, the judges, committee or stewards are not permitted to publicly reveal any details of judged entries. 

  12. Bottles must not have any unique identifying features on the bottle or cap that may identify an entrant. It is the duty of the competition stewards to attach suitable code on each bottle in each entry to ensure the correct identification of each entry remains with each entry. This is accomplished when entries are received and stored in preparation for judging.

  13. The stewards will ensure that all entries will be served at the same temperature in unmarked glasses. The judges and the serving stewards will not be aware of the name of the brewer whose beer is being served. Stewards shall decant all entries behind a screen so that the judges cannot be aware of the entrant details.  Only appointed stewards shall serve the judges.

  14. Only the Nosh Narrabri Head Steward will be aware of the entrant details and their corresponding competition numbers. 

  15. Judging will be by blind tasting. Judge’s decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

  16. Completed judging/score and comments will be returned to the brewers after completion of judging via email.

  17. Prizes shall be awarded to the entrants with the highest number of aggregated points in each category, as awarded by the judges.

  18. The judging panel will be required to resolve any tie so that only one overall winner is found.

  19. All bottles and contents remain the property of Nosh Narrabri and shall not be returned.

  20. All entries must arrive at the Steward’s Office no later than 5pm Friday 23 August 2019.

  21. Whilst all care is taken when handling the entries, Nosh Narrabri takes no responsibility/liability resulting from any damages due to handling the items when in the care of the Stewards

  22. Steward’s Office address for entries:
    Penny Jobling
    Australian Regional Homebrew Championships Gatekeeper
    Narrabri Region Visitor Information Centre
    Tibbereena Street, Narrabri NSW 2390
    Tel: 02 6799 6762

  23. Valid entries must be carefully packaged to prevent breakages. Entrants should ensure they have completed the entry form online prior to sending entries. A copy of this online form must be included with the entry.