Australian regional homebrew Championships

The Australian Regional Homebrew Championships discover and celebrate the pre-eminent regional homebrewer.

The 2019 Nosh Champion was Rordan Woodhouse - who scooped the pool with his beers awarded both first and second places! Congratulations!



The Australian Regional Homebrew Champion received $1000 in goods and products from True Brew Tamworth + $500 in cash from Tattersalls Hotel Narrabri.

The Australian Regional Homebrew Championship Runner Up received $500 cash from Tattersalls Hotel Narrabri.

The Best Kit Beer received a $225 home brew kit plus two cartons of beer from Coopers.

The Best All Grain Beer (Non-Kit) received $140 in products from Coopers.

The winner of each of the three categories – pale ale/pacific ale; pilsner/lager; and stout/porter/dark – each received a carton of beer from Coopers.


With thanks to the sponsors of the Nosh Australian Regional Homebrew Championships: