black snake distillery


Asp™ = the only agave spirit in Australia!

Black Snake Distillery, based near Narrabri, creates a unique agave spirit called Asp™ in the style of mezcal and tequila.

Asp™ is (as far the Black Snake team know) the only agave spirit in Australia and provides a new experience for drinkers!

Locally grown plants are processed by hand and distilled in small batches. The Black Snake team also produce pure gin, and this is distinctive in that the focus is on the essential gin taste. For those who do seek other flavours, the team also product pure gin infused with rosemary.

Business development for Black Snake Distillery began in early 2017, and the distillery is fully powered by renewable energy. The team are exhibiting for the first time at Nosh 2019 to signal the start of commercial operations and to allow locals to be the first to try this new and unique product!

Following Nosh, online ordering will be available.

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