Relish Catering



Katrina White started the business over fifteen years ago as some pocket money before moving to Melbourne. "I thought I’d do a bit of catering and it grew from 20 to 30 people up to 500 people per function in four years”.

Since the early noughties, Relish has grown from a home-based catering business to having its own premises with a retail shop in Doyle Street, Narrabri. The Relish Team are booked up months, even years, in advance, and travel all around the region, catering for weddings and corporate functions and everything in between. 

Katrina has a long association with Nosh, being one of the very first committee members! We can't wait to see what she dishes up for this year's lunch (including for our Nosh Long Lunch, because she's catering on the Sunday for us too!). 

You can check out her delicious creations on Facebook or Instagram, or visit her website