Narrabri Education Foundation




The Narrabri Education Foundation (NEF) was established to provide much needed financial assistance and support to local youth to help them achieve their post high school education, training and vocation aspirations. They recognise that the cost of rural students pursuing their post high school goals is often much greater than those of their metropolitan counterparts and that sometimes these costs can be prohibitive.

With this in mind, the NEF fundraises throughout the year and accepts donations from local residents and businesses in order to provide financial grants to students who need an extra helping hand. The funds come directly from the local community – none of it is government funded – celebrating the aspirations of local youth and working to help them achieve these aspirations.
It’s their way of saying “we believe in you and want to support your goals”.

NEF will be selling scones made from the Roth's wheat that was grown on Selina Street last year! A great project for a wonderful cause. For more details about the NEF grants or how to help sponsor them,
you can visit their website here.