Lindy's Sundried Tomatoes

Lindy's Sundried Tomatoes



Our next exhibitor is local, but her product wasn't first created here ... 

Lindy McMicking remembers being gifted a cooking class close to twenty years ago. One of the recipes called for homemade marinated sun dried tomatoes, and Lindy got thinking about creating her own ...

Lindy began making them for family and friends. Work colleagues started to buy jars. A friend suggested she take a stall at the North Sydney Farmer's Markets. And the rest is history. Lindy now sells thousands of jars every year, popping up at a myriad of food festivals and stores around the region. 

'I'm very passionate about Nosh and food and wine in the region. It's my home town and has a lot to offer.' 

Lindy has been to all Nosh's save for the first, where her late mother Joan intimated her product might not be 'professional enough' for the festival! She's since won best exhibitor for her Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes and is excited about this year's changes. 

You can purchase her tomatoes from Relish Catering NarrabriNarrabri Shire Visitor Information Centre and you can find them on the menu at Maverick Cafe.

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