the great australian CHEESECAKE COMPETITION


Who will be crowned The Great Australian Cheesecake champion for Nosh 2017?! With a baked and non-baked section, it's going to be extremely difficult for our six judges to choose from the talented cheesecake cooks who anonymously roam amongst us... but they won't be anonymous for much longer!

Interested in submitting your soon-to-be prize winning cheesecake? Great! Please fill out the form below and you'll be emailed a competition number in order to submit your cheesecake anonymously. Cheesecakes are to be delivered to the Narrabri Visitor Information Centre the day before the event - Friday 25th August, 2017 between 10am - 4pm. No entries will be received after 4pm.

Please see the terms & conditions below for more details. Any questions, feel free to contact the competition organiser Brooke on 0408 268 070 or Jocellin on 0419 628 454. Alternatively, you can also send an email to

Click here to read the newspaper article about our cheesecake competition, printed in The Courier on Tuesday 20th June, 2017.

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The winner will receive two return flight tickets from Narrabri to Brisbane OR Sydney thanks to Nosh's official airline - Fly Corporate!

The runner-up will receive a beautiful Maggie Beer hamper, full of baking & dessert-making goodies

+ ALL entrants will receive 20% off all Maggie Beer products available through their online store once they've registered via the form below (discount code valid until 2 weeks post Nosh). 

To enter, please fill out the form below and click on 'submit' when finished:

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Please select from either Baked or Non-Baked.
Should My Cheesecake Be The Winning Cheesecake, I Am Aware and Give Permission For Nosh To Auction Off The Cheesecake At The Saturday Event *
I Am Aware That My Cheesecake Will Be Divided Up With Slices Being Made Available For A Gold Coin Donation To Raise Money For Nosh's Chosen Charities *
I Agree To Be Publicly Announced If I Am A Winner *
Please note: if you are the overall winner, we would like to interview you in person on the day (Saturday 26th August) about some tips as to how to make the best cheesecake
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Rules of the Competition

The Great Australian Cheesecake Competition will unearth and celebrate the greatest cheesecake cook in our region.

The competition has two cheesecake categories, baked and unbaked.  The winner of each will compete to determine the ultimate winner.

The cheesecake competition winner will receive return flights for two Narrabri - Brisbane, courtesy of Nosh's official airline - Fly Corporate. 

The Great Australian Cheesecake Competition is conducted using clear rules and fair competition.

  1. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any non-conforming entries.
  2. This competition will be conducted under the following rules for entry.
  3. Any person who is not a member of the organizing committee, a judge or steward in this contest is permitted to enter.
  4. Entrants are permitted to enter multiple times providing the same recipe is not used more than once. 
  5. Entry is free.
  6. The competition is restricted to amateur cooks only. To clarify - 
    Those who have an ABN and who operate their business within the food industry are not eligible to enter the competition.
    Those who may regularly delve into their hobby of cooking (and may receive small amounts of money from time to time selling their baked goods to friends and family and through contacts via word-of-mouth etc) are more than welcome to enter.
  7. Entries must be submitted under the cook's own name.
  8. Entrants shall complete the online entry form via Nosh's website.
  9. A new online entry form must be submitted for each cheesecake to be entered. A unique competitor number will be generated each time an application is completed.
  10. Entries will include the name and contact details of the cook.
  11. Each cheesecake must be presented on a standard non returnable foil covered rigid cake board.  Cake presentation boards must not have any unique identifying features on them.
  12.  All entries will be served to judges at the same temperature.  Neither the judges nor the stewards serving the judges will know the name of the cook whose cheesecake is being served.
  13. There will be three rounds of judging, the first will be on visual appeal only, with the top five cakes in each category going through to the final round of judging.
  14. In the final round of judging each cake will be scored out of five in the areas of; visual appeal, taste and texture. 
  15. Judging will be by blind tasting.  Judge’s decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  16. Completed judging/score sheets will be returned to the entrants within two weeks of completion of judging via email.
  17.  The judging panel will be required to resolve any tie so that only one winner for each category is found.
  18. All entries must be delivered to the Steward’s Office between 10am and 4pm on Friday August 25th 2017. No entries will be received after 4pm.
  19. Please ensure each cake has its unique identifier number on the presentation board and the cake is covered within clear film.
  20. Whilst all care is taken when handling the cheesecakes, Nosh Narrabri takes no responsibility/liability resulting from any damages due to handling the items when in the care of the Stewards
  21. Steward’s Office address for entries:
    Penny Jobling
    The Great Australian Cheesecake Competition Gatekeeper
    Narrabri Visitor Information Centre
    Tibbereena Street, Narrabri NSW 2390
    Tel: 02 6799 6762