artisan ferments

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Healthy and tasty ferments!

Did you know that an a teaspoon of fermented food like sauerkraut or kimchi has more good bacteria for your gut than a whole bottle of probiotics tablets?!

Artisan Ferments create healthy and tasty fermented foods and drinks including sauerkraut, kimchi, chilli sauce and kombucha. All of their ferments are naturally fermented and not heat-treated which means they have all the healthy bacteria vital for gut health.

The Artisan Ferments’ kimchi is their ‘must try’ product for Nosh 2019.

“We use traditional Korean gochugaru chilli and have a long ferment time which results in a beautiful, tangy, very moorish pickle that can be used on anything from eggs to meat to pasta to cheese to stirfry to straight out of the jar with a big fork!”

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