Brand new product: hand crafted sparkling mead.

The 2 Wild Souls team have been making mead for 20 years, but have only released their product to the public a year ago!

2 Wild Souls is made from local forest honey from the high country of the NSW northern tablelands. The 2 Wild Souls team apply the Methode Champenoise Ancestrale - an ancient technique for making sparking wine. Under this method, the fermentation in the bottle (also known as lees) proceeds without disgorging, leaving a small amount of natural sediment. This takes at least two years before release.

2 wild souls mead contains nothing artificial, no carbonation, just pure Australian honey from the bush and their very own spring water from the granite and champagne yeast.

You can chill the mead and enjoy it now with friends over fine dining or at a family BBQ, or shelve it for many years.

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