Freshly Berried… berries to die for!

Freshly Berried sell a variety of berry ice-creams and desserts, berry jams and sauces (coulis) and baked berry products. They operate a small family-run berry farm at Baker’s Creek Gorge, east of Armidale NSW, with a team of two doing all the growing, picking, processing, marketing and selling of their products. The business grew out of wanting to share the berries they produce on farm with their customers.

The Freshly Berried team take pride in the fact that their food products are home-made and hand-crafted, and that they also grow the majority of the fruit used, and hand-pick the produce themselves - creating a deeply personal connection with the products they sell. The Freshly Berried philosophy focuses on sustainability and they choose to utilise eco-friendly packaging: it can be eaten (ice cream cones); composted (cups, buckets, cutlery); or recycled (jars, bottles, carry bags).

Freshly Berried have been growing berries since 1999, so 2019 marks their 20th anniversary!

The Freshly Berried team exhibited at Nosh in 2017 and are returning to Nosh again in 2019! Here’s what they had to say: “We like to support as many local and regional food events as we can – we enjoy promoting the ethos of buying hand-made products direct from the growers/makers/producers.  Nosh showcases a great variety of produce and products from our regional area – we’ve been to Nosh before and really enjoyed the day and the support of the patrons.”

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